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Peter and Joy Mast / Puppies For Sale Price $1200

 We have really nice pups. If you would like to buy a puppy from a coming litter we can put you on the wait list, the wait list can fill fast so if you would like one, call to get an earlier!
              Call to be on our wait list for a coming one 306-752-2284 

To buy a puppy now, just phone to get one while they last! or you can be put on the waiting list for a later litter. Read the full disclaimer or the info below to find out how.

We are hard working Blue Heeler dog breeders. We have very good working 
parents that we also work with our sheep, pigs ect. They also do some tricks.

We have two breeding females and one male ourselves.  

We have been training our dogs to see what they are capable 
of: such as tracking people by scent, climbing ladders, opening fridge
doors, retrieving and so on. It has been a great joy to see what 
has happened and to have seen them learning with such rapid speed.  

The photos on this site are of past litters and also of the breeding pairs.
Photos of them are also on the home page.

Blue Heelers are a great family dog for active town living or for
 in the country. When you buy a puppy from us they will have their 
first shots and de-wormed.

We ship by air or drive deliver if needed in Canada at this time 
(subject to change). Just ask and we try to be as accommodating 
as possible.The cost to ship is more reasonable than one may think 
but we prefer if you pick up your puppy first-hand at our door.

Air Shipping info:
Shipping costs by air flights with West Jet, kennel, ect, prices are $1000, to most major cities in Canada plus the cost of the puppy. The puppy needs to be at least 8 weeks old to ship to avoid dehydration while in flight, this is a West Jet regulation. If this interests, you just call for more details if this works, we have flown a pup as far away as Charlottetown, P.E.I and Vancouver, .B.C.

Driving info:
If we are drive delivering if it works out it is $100 and up, plus gas depending on the distance. If delivering close up to 1 hour like to Melfort, Wakaw or Prince Albert S.K. this is free.

Current Puppy Price is only $1200! Cheapest farm hand you will ever own and they will work like a real dog! This is a first come, first served. We hold pre-6 week old puppies for you, but only until they are weaned. After this arrangements need to be made for pick ups and purchase payments made. This is due to the high demand. If you have contacted us and been told you have one on hold before they are weaned, then they are on hold. Once you have called, we try our best to accommodate. The pups are very well fed and they will be weaned and ready for pick up, starting at 6 weeks old.

We try to have the ones that spoke first to get the first pick, second get second pick and so on.  Once weaned, those that arrive at the door will be served first if there are any left by then. If you do not get one this time around sorry, there is always the next litter! 

Contact to buy or to have us hold a Blue Heeler puppy for you on our list...

Call (306)752-2284 

If you would like us to contact you when the next litter is born, drop us a phone call and number that you can be contacted  by when the next litter is available. Then you have a chance to get one before they are all sold out due to high demand for these beauties. Calling is best to make contact with us, callers are served first over an email. The email is only normally checked only once every week or so.  Preference is given to farms or ranch's due to their greater needs. 

To avoid unforeseen problems and you would like a pup and be put on the list you must make phone contact. We are home most of the time so it is fairly easy to get a hold of us. Thank you for your understanding.

Get a Blue Heeler to help out with the cows, do tricks or to play with the kids.

We are 2 Hrs north east of Saskatoon or 50 mins from Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, 25 mins from Melfort or 10 from Kinistino.

Email  blueheeler.ca@gmail.com If you have questions about the breed. Call if you want to buy a pup.

If you would like to be put on the waiting list for a pup you will need to Call 306-752-2284 to be added to our list for the coming litters.

To the mail box
Peter or Joy Mast
P.O. Box 1040
S0J 1H0

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