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Here are some of the movies they have been put into in no order what so ever. 

This is a list of Movies, T.V shows and Commercials with the Australian Cattle dogs in for part. I’m not saying that some of these movies are any good but as long as they have a Heeler in them, right? Some of them are classic lead parts and sometimes the parts are brief. Thanks to our  friends on Face Book under the group name "Australian Cattle Dogs" for helping put this list together...smart people with smart dogs. You can join this group if you would like, this is where Heather and Tess hang out a lot when on Face Book very friendly and helpful. 

Movie Blue and Red Heelers in them

1 Mad Max
2 Secret Window
3 Last of the Dogmen
4 Babe - One of Babe's foes was a heeler
5 Following
6 Brokeback Mountain
7 The Blob
8 The Incredible Hulk - In the 2008 version
9 Man of Steele
10 The Silver Brumby - The rancher had a Blue Heeler with him to hunt down the wild horses and herd the cattle.
11 The Road Warrior
12 The Iconic Mad Max
13 Australia
14 Pet Cemetery - This was 80s horror movie, seen it when I was way to young brrr. There was 2   Blue Heelers in this movie if my memory is correct, one dog played the first parts in the movie and the other the last parts. It's interesting the wide range of parts these dogs can play.  
15 Man from Snowy River
16 Pure Country
17 Quigley Down Under
18 Thunder Heart
19 The Rover
20 Bone Alone
21 The Man Who Sued God
22 A Valley of Violence  
23 The Guy Thing
24 Very Bad Things
25 Tombstone
26 Patriot
27 Jane Has A Gun
28 Man Without A Face
29 Alone for Christmas
30 Planes,Trains and Automobiles - This was a was funny part because he was guarding a pair of gloves on the back the pick up truck and the character Pages hands where freezing. This is one of my most favorite movies of all time, very funny classic John Candy movie. 
31 Horse Whisperer
32 Reckless Kelly
33 Call the Midwife
34 Road Games 
35 Gunless - This was a red one, right at the start of the movie, this was ok movie in my mind. 

This is not all the movies with Australian Cattle Dogs in them. If your Heeler made it to the movies please let us know. We would love to hear your story and experiences with the movie people. 

T.V Shows

1 Mutt and Stuff
2 American Outlaw
3 Texas Rising
4 Blue Heelers
5 Damages
6 Street Outlaws
7 Dexter


1 State Farm Insurance 
Ford Cars ​This commercial is a little funny, it's on 
    You Tube. 
Australian Cattle Dogs in the Movies and TV!

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​Make your Blue Heeler for the Movies, TV shows and Commercials! 

Who knows maybe your heeler will be the next big dog star in Hollywood California.

​How to get them in for a part? Well you will need to have some tricks and video of them and some photos. Then send in for the parts that would be for the dogs category.  

Then hope for the best that they will give you a call and give your dog a real good look over. 
This is a photo of just one of our pups. He may might not be in these movies but who knows maybe one day one just might get there.