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You can give a Heeler what they need without necessarily using them as working dogs, as impressive as that is. Of course they excel in this area, however in my experience there are other ways to satisfy their two general requirements... Exercise &  Mental stimulation. There are many ways to do this!

I currently have a 10 month old male Blue Heeler that I purchased from the Mast family, in the prime of his highest activity phase and he could not be an easier little guy to please... He loves playing with balls and Frisbees and his retrieving ability easily rivals that of a champion field trial line Labrador I had many years ago. He also loves riding with me in the truck, visiting the pet store, dog park, going for walks, playing in the yard, etc. In short, he is like most other breeds. However he is on the high end of the energy output range so unlike say, an English Bulldog, you cannot make him a couch potato for weeks at a time or they will not be happy. This is something to keep in mind. But if you enjoy taking your dog with you when you run errands, etc and have some time each day to walk or play with, then they are no different really than other breeds as, almost all dogs love these activities!

And playful?? They have that in spades... Problem solving ability?? They don't come much sharper than a Heeler. In fact, "Aussie" will toss his own ball around and retrieve it if I'm too busy. A more beautiful dog you would be hard pressed to find.
Perhaps the best part is that pure blood Heeler is their price! With all you get in this breed package it is amazing that you can pick them up for a fraction of the cost of many other breeds. How can you go wrong? I expect the prices to go up, when the word gets out that these dogs make such fantastic pets for active individuals and families, . Mine is the best investment I have made in a dog all these years and I cannot see myself without one now. For the record, I only know the Mast family having purchased a Heeler from them and I write this to hopefully dispel the urban myth that they are only working dogs.

Kyle S.

2014 Summer 

Winnipeg Canada

Hello Peter & Joyann,

Just thought we would write and give you an update on our puppy Shadow. He’s getting bigger and bigger everyday and love his personality.  He is a fast learner, I can set a treat in front of him and he will not touch it until I say so, he will sit, lay down, stay.  

Very happy with him and can’t wait to get into summer so we can go out for more adventures!
Once a week we get him and his sister Ally together (Shadows sister went to the same town) and it’s basically a 4-6 hour play fight! Non Stop! Funny to watch and glad they can use up their puppy energy!   

 Regards Darren, Teresa & Shadow 

From Patty and T-Bone
Shadow 3 months old in the photo.

Alberta, Canada

Hi Peter and Joyann,

Ever since we picked our puppy back in December ( Tess and T-bone litter puppy #3) our lives changed for the better. We underestimated just how SMART these blue heeler puppies were by 8 weeks Nova mastered sit and fetch and by the time she was 12 weeks she had Down, spin, touch, and place. We can't believe how quickly she can pick up these tricks. We are currently working on stay and leave it! We enjoy the trail walks off lease and the recall is amazing with this little one. Always getting stopped by people to admire how smart and beautiful Nova is. We just want to thank you Mast Family for Nova. We are hoping in the future we can give Nova a little heeler brother.

All the Best, Rameses and Nadine 

From Tess and T-Bone 

Edmonton, AB 

Hi, Masts

We would like to give little update on Max. He helps out with the cows. Could not ask for a smarter dog than Max. We have had other breeds before Golden Retrievers and collies but they don't compare to a blue heeler. Max does so much more, it is as if he knows what we need him to do before we ask him. He is great with the kids playing ball but is eager to get to work, he leads the way. We love him.

Bruce K.

​Dawson Creek, British Columbia 

​Max is 5 month old in this photo.  

2016 Summer

Hello, Joy and Peter

We will keep you updated about Harvey! 
He brings so much joy to our lives!

Warmest wishes,

Cathy & Cody

Calgary, Alberta 

​Patty litter
​Harvey is 3 1/2 months old in this photo. 

​ Peter's side note: I love these ears, this is the best standing ears one can hope for in this breed. 

Hi, Again Joyann & Peter

We wish you a nice spring time.

Kind regards,
Claudia & Thomas  

Winter 2016

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan 

Hi Joy
Thought you might enjoy this picture of Walt taken on his last night of puppy obedience class. He is just so gorgeous and really really smart. I’m using him to help me load trailers. He is just loving life here and everyone here just absolutely loves him. Just wanted you to know. 


​Winter 2019

Charlottetown, P.E.I

Hello Joy,
Best of the season to you and the family.
A couple of pictures of Blue, I don’t think his idea of a dog’s life is too taxing!!!
He had his booster shots Friday and a health check...slightly overweight...I had to talk to Gail...lol...
He’s turning out awesome thanks again.
Stay safe!
Guy & Gail

Summer 2020 

Alberta, Canada

​Hi Joy & Peter

He is a very smart and sweet pup. Loves to be with his family. Likes to get our attention in hilarious ways. Alert in the yard, bonding with my other dogs. We are so happy with him. I’m enjoying the McVanBuck book! I will finish it in the New Year.

p.s.  I broke my fibula and tibia years ago so I can relate to your introduction in your McVanBuck book.
Best wishes in the New Year 2021! 

Summer 2020

Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan

Hi, Peter 

As a life long dog owner... yet first time Blue Heeler owner. 

Long before I decided on a Heeler I spent the time studying the breed and really had a hard time with the stereotypical belief that Heelers are country/herding dogs only and do not make good city pets. 

Well from what I have found first hand, that is simply not true. I live in the city and have nothing more than a fenced yard and my male makes a fantastic dog in every way. 
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