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Simple Sit 3 Steps Plan.  If you are working with a Blue Heeler puppy this should be a breeze. Starting with the good trainable breed should be truly the first thing to do. This puts the odds of success in your favour.

Step 1: To properly train your puppy to sit, you first must have a name for him/her, and have your dog familiar with direct eye contact. Do the best you can to have your dog make direct eye contact with you. Make sure that they look at you in the eyes with their nose up. Hold head there, then let go, then praise if they do this.

Step 2: Point down say, “(name of your dog), Sit.” Be firm in your voice. Your dog will do nothing at first. This is fine. Then gently push down on your dog’s hind quarters, while at the same time saying, “(name), Sit.” Repeat until your dog gets into the sitting position, then add praise to them once they stay sitting. Verbal praise, example: say, “Good dog,” works just fine.

Step 3: Repeat 1 and 2

This is not hard… right? 

Note: If the young puppy does not go into the sitting position, push firmer on his hindquarters. Now if the dog lies down, like as if he was just shot full of evil, instead of sitting. Simply lift the puppy’s head, pulling the puppy into the sit position. And then repeat the word, “(name), Sit.” Then repeat again. Do this every day until the puppy gets it. This only requires an average of five minutes or less of your time daily. 

 A Blue Heeler should get this within days, but it takes about three months for the puppy to have this completely mastered.  Five minutes of your time consistently is the key to all training really. You hope to have them for years to come so the time you spent up front will pay back like gold coins.

For faster results do this every time you see your dog. When you do get them to sit regularly, you will look smart to your friends and neighbours and your dog will not mind you taking the credit for all their work. 

Training should start around 3 months old, but you can go earlier or later. Eight weeks I find is a good time to start Heelers with light training. This is fine if you don't over do it. 

First Day 1: Five minutes of your time. 

Say “(Name), Sit.” 

Push or pull if needed.

Second Day 2: Repeat five minutes of your time.

 “(Name), Sit.” 

Push or pull if needed.

Third Day 3: Repeat again.

Next day: More of the same and so on for the coming days.

You can also give them a treat once they got it, but use caution to only give it when the dog has done what you wanted them to do and not before. The best thing to do is just praise them and pat them gently on the side or scratch behind their ears at the same time. They like this, and in a way this is what they live for. 

Also getting them to look me in the face while I get them to sit, gives them good posture and will make you proud to be working with them. Having them look at you will also help them both see and hear you, this makes things easier if you want them to do other tricks later on. 

If you are having a hard time of this, take a break from the training and play with them. Playing with your puppy will help it bond with you and trust you. Get them to fight you with a stuffed toy (tug a war) and so on. Have fun with them as well and be patient with them. They are young and they will learn. If this is your first time, don’t look to do to many tricks at the same time. Work on one or two training tricks at most at one time. Growing up as kid, me and my siblings trained our 3 year old half red and Blue Heeler to fetch. Older dogs can be trained, it just may take a bit more time.

Blue Heelers learn fast, but you don’t want to give them the wrong message or give them too many at the same time.  Once they have one thing down-pat then you can go to the next trick. It is better to do a little at a time then to over-do it all at once both for yourself and the puppy.

I have some 4 months old young puppies, that are sit training right now, so it hope to put up a video here soon (time permitting) so you can see how easy these steps really are. These puppies are a bit later in their training due to all the cold weather we have had this winter and spring.
One of the most important training goals for your dog, is to sit. This is a simple command to train most dogs in general. 

Need some help? Did you say, "Sit Dog," and he got wide-eyed, his lip quivered, then ran away like he was just struck by every terror and horror ever written? or did he drop like a rock, roll over, and play dead?!? 

If you have no training experience with dogs before, and do not have a dog, do not worry, just buy a Blue Heeler and follow the easy steps.
Easy "Sit" Dog Training: 3 Steps Blue Heeler Puppy

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