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Heeler Dog and Puppy Products and Supplies 
...Supplies that work for the Australian Cattle Dog. We use these products on our Blue Heelers or we know of other owners that have Heelers that do. Toys and tools that are made for the working dogs with brains and beauty.
        Rocket Ball 
This is for when your Heeler is 5 months to full age. Its a good fast clip on collar. In multi color and green.

Price $10.00 Tax's included
This is Air Port size if your pup needs to go for an air plane ride to get to you. ​25-30 lbs. This is the kennel that can house a heeler for an air plane flight nicely with good head space. It can also be used for an inside dog house for the first 6 months or so I have heard it helps with potty training. 

Price $100.00 Tax's included
       Apple Ball

    Manitoba Maple Dog Sticks
This is a stainless steel dog dish that they will not chew up for fun while you sleep. It is best to get 2 stainless dishes. One for food and one for the water. 

Price $10.00 Tax's included

This is a stainless steel no tip dog dish with some  color. We have teal green, pink and stainless steel.  Have seen these as high as $25. 

Price $15.00 Tax's included

Heelers love to play fetch, and because of this it takes no time at all to make a normal looking tennis ball look more like a yellow torn up hair ball. 

This Rocket Ball is what we use on our Heelers and they are very durable. This tool, dog ball bounces very well and is wild fun for our Heeler dog. Good bang for the buck and great value. 

Price $15.00 Tax's included
This Apple ball is also a great fetch tool.

This Apple Ball is also one of the tools we like to use for the Heeler breed in their training. It may look odd but is very durable. It also cleans their teeth. The Apple ball lasts a long time. Great bang for the buck and good value. 

Price $15.00 Tax's included
Blue Heelers love to play fetch with these sticks. These are non-toxic Organic Manitoba Maple sticks. Mmm...Canadian Maple syrup. A great hard wood maple stick that is 12- 15 inches long and hand sanded. Just a great all around fetching stick for Australian Cattle Dogs.  

Price $5.00 Tax's included
This is for when your Heeler is 2 months or 5 months old. Will need a larger collar after the 5-6 month point but it is a good fast starter collar for the pups age. 

Price $5.00 Tax's included
​                                    Dog Dishes

    Tip: There is little point in getting a plastic or fiberglass dish for a Australian Cattle Dog because 90% of the time a heeler will sharpen their teeth on the dish when you are not looking. This can also be danger to the health of pup if they decide to do what pups tend to do and eat the plastic or fiberglass dish for a snack. 
                                                Fetch Sticks

Tip: Have a good non-toxic, organic dog stick. This can give them a stick to chew on and to fetch with. It just is not that easy to get a good stick in the city these days... unless your neighbor does not mind you doing some midnight pruning to their Maple tree in there back yard.
                                  Fetch Balls

Tip: Have a good ball that is durable and fun. Give your dog a ball that is going to be fun, enjoyable and more than likely give you some laughter as they fly through the air to catch the ball with style. 
    Caragana wood and bark is organic and non-toxic to dogs. These sticks are our blue heeler dogs' most favorite stick of all.... don't no why but they love to rip all the bark off and chew on the stick and then sit on it like it is their friend and foe. Maybe its the taste of something like that, this is for scientists to figure out. 12- 15 inches long and sanded off the rough spots. Just a great all around fetching stick for Australian Cattle Dogs. 

Price $5.00 Tax's included
Diamond willow. Its rich in diamond wood make the dogs teeth sparkle! 12- 15 inches long and sanded. Just a great all around fetching stick.​

Price $5.00 Tax's included
A good popular stick changes the stick habit for every stick taste is different. 12- 15 inches long and sanded ruff spots. Just a great all around fetching stick for Australian Cattle Dogs ​

Price $5.00 Tax's included
  Caragana  Dog Fetch Sticks
​Manitoba Maple, Caragana, Diamond Willow and White Popular.  

Price $15.00 for all 4! Tax's included Best Value

    Diamonds Willow Dog Sticks
  White Popular  Dog Sticks

This starter anti-bark collar uses sound & vibrations to help the dog not to excessively bark. This little tool will also help your own voice box from going excessively hoarse.  

Price ​$35.00 Tax's included

We mix up the brands of dog food from time to time to give them something different. Our Heelers like this brand also but tend to pick out all the red pieces. The bag is durable. The pieces of food are cool to look at and come in different shapes, but the dogs don't seem to notice how pretty each piece truly is. I guess that is because they are to busy looking for the red pieces.

Price $35.00 Tax's included
Folding Crate 
​Folding crates help with the dog having their own space. This helps in house training. Saw this for the first time not too long ago and worked real well for the owner, really could see how this could come in handy if the dog is going to spend some time in the house.

House Training Tip: The house training we do with our pups to not pee or poo in the house is to watch for them to pee on the floor... but not the carpet....if it was on my mother-in-law's shoes, I just let them finish it, no point in stopping a good thing for good laugh for later. 

When you see them start to pee on the floor, put them outside at that very moment until they finish. Most of the time they whine just before they start to go pee. As they get older they will go to the door and whine.

In the end heelers really do like it outside to live in there own dog house, they don't tend to go to the bathroom in there house. 

Price $100.00 Tax's included

 ​Nu-Way Dog Food is one brand we feed to our dogs. Dogs like it. We find our dogs like there food changed up from time to time, one would figure that people like there food changed up from time to time also...I will have to give that a try. 

Price $25.00 Tax's included

Puppy food! This food is what we use for our starter food we wet it down some to make it soft for the babies, yummy. 

Price $35.00 Tax's included

  Nu-Way Dog Food

  Puppy Chow

  All 4 Great Dog Sticks
  Anti-Bark Collar Small
 Small Dog Collar
Medium Dog Collar
Stainless Steel Dog Dish
Stainless Steel : No Tip Dog Dish 
Dog Food : Alpo 16kg