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On a personal note, Blue Heelers have been a part of my life from the time I was a wee lad over 25 years ago. A quote I heard the other day from a private customer was, and I quote, “I have owned many dog breeds over my lifetime, until I owned my first Blue Heeler. Since then it has been all Blue Heeler from then on and no other breed can compete with this complete, intelligent, and versatile breed.”

Payments; deposits to hold for weaning and refunds.

1. Payments of cash are best paid at pick up. You get a receipt. 

2. You will get a 100% money back guarantee if by chance the puppy dies or is seriously injured while in our care. This will apply to 6 week and older puppies that are weaned and ready to go. Payment is needed to secure the puppy for flights and / or to be held for pick up at a later date where arrangements have been made.

3. When payments are made, we have no intentions of losing our reputation over the price of just one pup that can be easily resold by us to someone else. So if you cannot pick up the puppy within a reasonable 48 hour time frame, or cannot work something out with us (after the 6 weeks) you will be asked to buy the puppy and pick up later. You can take the chance that the pup will still be available when it is convenient for you to pick up on your end and you can pay cash then, but the pup would be unsecured. We work very hard to move these puppies to their new home that is best for the pup and it is likely the puppy will be sold to someone else by then.

If you are not happy with the videos we post and photos we have posted and you still do not want to purchase without seeing your puppy in person first hand, there is no hard feelings on our end. If you do not like what you see in first hand, we will not push you to buy, we and they need the owner, of them to like them back as much as they will like them. So you can walk away at that point.  Thank you for understanding and cooperating. Again, we stress pick up as soon as possible is our desire for 8 week and older pups.

Payment; We have three methods of payments.

- Cash at pick up

-E-Transfers are an easy and trusted way to pay if you are getting a puppy by air flight or are having someone else pick them up for you. The payment is sent to an email address that I will give you. You will be given a password, this password we will need to finish the transaction to my bank on my end.

- Bank Deposits - This is how it works, you go to your bank and ask to make a deposit. Deposit the payment to our bank account number, that we will provide for you. Payment is made, and you’re done.

Payments of cash at delivery and pick up. This is the preferred payment method. Here are the exceptions:

1. If the puppy is flying by air travel, we will need full payment beforehand, no exceptions. If you need a receipt we can get you one, just simply request one.

2. If the pup is going to be held by us after it is 8 weeks old, we will request full payment. A commitment is required - no exceptions. The pick up date must happen as agreed beforehand. We prefer the puppy to be gone to its new home at the time of payment, rather than holding it after the puppy is 8 weeks old. An added holding fee may also be asked to cover the cost of our time, feed, and risk. This fee will not make me rich. Again, if you would like the puppy, just come pay cash and pick it up the same day. This is best. We love help getting you your puppies, but we do not prefer holding your puppy that is in need of a new home. We have no puppy holding services in place at this time. We would prefer to have your pup in your hand to bond with you after weaning. It is our desire to have arrangements made for pick up made around the time of the 6 week old mark, plans should be made by then for a later day that works for you. 

3. If you change your pick up dates or are stalling to pick up, you will be asked to make a commitment to pay in full. I believe this is fair. If you do not pay in full for these reasons, the puppy is simply put back on the market and is no longer on hold. They will be sold as first come, first served. (This is for the few, not for the many great customers we have had and will have.) We would like them all to be in their new home before 9 weeks old. Generally the 48 hour rule is flexible if you are driving a long way for pick up and you have talked with us. We hold a 8 week or older puppy for no more than 48 hours after a puppy is asked to be held due to driving. Arrangements can be worked out, without a payment on the pre-6 week old puppies. We do not sell puppies before they are fully weaned and we hold them a week after weaning for the health of the puppy and they need to be eating well on their own. 


Once the puppy is sold and gone - I cannot take it back, dead or alive. There will be no refund. This is due to the possibility of disease coming back to our yard. If you are not 100% happy with the puppy at the day of pick up, there will be no hard feelings if you change your mind at that moment or do not like the pup for any reason, or to your satisfaction. Once the pup is paid for, the sale is final, no returns after that point. Once the dog or pup is in your care all bills from Veterinarian work will be your responsibility to pay them. This Veterinarian work may also including any and all disease, medication and euthanasia, putting the dog down at some point. This is a fact of life, odds are we will all out live our dogs who have a much shorter life span. Not many dogs live over 15 years. It will be your responsibility also to pay for food and housing for them ect. If you are not prepared to pay for these type of responsibility please for your sake and the dogs do not get a dog or pup. Truth is I can not take back a used car, clothes, pens, plants, cows, pigs ect we will not give you a refund, trade or replacement pup/dog for any reason. We give no guarantee on the health of the dog or pup once it is in your care. All the risks in buying a dog or pup will be your responsibility for their health, all cost and feeding them after purchase until its death. Fact of life is not every thing in life ends in how we first saw it. What you are getting from us is a healthy pup the day of purchase, after that point the pup is your full 100% responsibility, we wish you and your pup a long and happy life. 

In the remote event that the puppy dies or becomes ill due to a disease which the puppy has already been vaccinated for, there will be no refund. My vet can not guaranty it will work every time and I can not ether. Our dogs get the same shots. It is only an aid in greatly lowering the risks of the disease listed on the lable. 

If the puppy dies or is seriously injured while in our care, you will get a full 100% refund if you have paid to hold for flights and pick ups beforehand. This policy stops once the pup is dropped off at the doors of Westjet and in the care of their capable handlers. Once I sign the pup over to them, you will assume the full risk of the flight in the slim chance something happens to the pup when it is transported.

Chose a dog breed that is right for you, your time and your living space. The heeler lines are smart and colorful but are not for every one, remember they were raised for working cattle and are best suited for the outside and or at the very least in a yard with a job or training to do. If you change your mind on having a dog for what ever reason, you can always give the dog away or resell them there is a healthy resale market and get the dog to a home that best fits the dog. 

Picking your pup’s color and markings:
Once the pup is four to five weeks old you can pick a puppy to have on hold. The joy of having a Blue Heeler is their intelligence, medium size, and great colors. The colors and shades are arguably the best out there of all the breeds of dogs you can get. So picking a good color combo to your likings is important to you and us. Yet, be aware that the colors will change, either fade in one spot or get stronger in another over time. We have no control over the final look of the puppy at full age. This will make them wonderfully unique, but there is no refund for these changes.

Un-refundable holding fees:
Pre-6 week old puppies. There is no holding fee at this time (subject to change at any time). Your word to pick up is all we ask. We are good to our word to hold the puppy until then, we likewise ask you to be good to your word to purchase and pick up on time. If not, we will sell it to someone else if you do not show up or notify us in a timely manner. Once they are 5 weeks old, we start to arrange dates of pick up and payment. We reserve the right to find the best home for the pup, like if you plan on eating them, a Australian Cattle dog is not a dog to be eaten. In the rare case there is a price adjustment to a higher price, the higher price will be served first.  In the event of a higher price change while you are on our wait list, we apologize before hand. This is a market driven business for the high quality of pups we raise. If you want to stay at the lower price, your best chance to get one at that price will be perhaps a winter puppy or to perhaps find a pup elsewhere or consider another dog breed. Again, we apologize for the inconvenience.

Registered and Pure Bred Blue Heelers:
We have very intelligent good working dogs out of registered and unregistered Blue Heeler stock, yet our dogs are not registered at this time. This is due to the added cost and time needed to have this paper work done for us. Likewise, we feel that there is not a lot of customers that are willing to pay the extra fee for this paper work to be done. So we make no claim to have registered or pure bred dogs, although parents are full bred Blue Heelers. Perhaps in the future we will go through the paper process, if we feel it to be worth it and if there is a market for it. With that we do not sell this kind of paper work, neither now at the time of purchase or at some later date. You are purchasing the cost of the pup or dog from excellent breed lines. This is a wide topic that can not be addressed in full here due to space. If you are interested in this kind of papered Blue Heelers, please call us before you buy and let us know what you think of this whole topic. You are always welcome to call or email with questions for more information.

Herding Livestock:
Blue Heelers are renowned for their ability for working livestock such as; cows, pigs, sheep, and ability to do a wide range of tricks. We have at the moment three excellent working dogs we own ourselves. We use them to work our sheep and hogs. The puppies from our dogs have a very high probability of being a great working dog also, but this is no guarantee that they will work for you. This can be due to a range of factors. The most common is that we, the owners, lack some knowledge. If you are having problems with your puppy working or doing tricks for you, get the knowledge. We advise you to get the knowledge you need from off the web or in a book at the library. You will find a lot of great information from trusted dog trainers for free. Like all good things in life: the more you put into something, the more you will get out of it. 

Travel arrangement:
For some of you traveling for pick up is what is going to have to do to get a puppy in your hands. We do meet part way at times, if it can be worked out. This can not be done every time, so pick ups at our door should be considered the only option first. We have other obligations as well as selling puppies. So we ask that you try to arrange pick up by driving yourself. You can also arrange perhaps a trusted family member, friends, neighbors, or colleagues that maybe coming through who can pick up for you. If you want a puppy we ask that you first try to arrange your own pick up. If there is another customer coming for pick up from your neck of the woods, we will not ask them, for you, to deliver your pup to you. This is a risk to you, in that they are a stranger and may not deliver. It is risky to us because it could hurt our business reputation if anything went wrong. At times, we have trusted friends that drop off puppies for us for a fee, if they are going in that direction. If this comes up, we will and are happy to give you that option.

Pick up at our yard: If you are driving with another dog in your company the day of pick up, please keep them at your home. Puppies have weaker immune systems and to avoid unnecessary dog contact with a disease that could spread to our yard. Also keep your kids at your home if possible, this is our home and yard. Our yard is not a petting zoo or a city park. We pride ourselves on having a disease free yard and we really do like to keep it that way, that all that get a dog from us gets a very healthy one from the start. 

Short tails: If you have a short tail one from us, this is because it was cropped. This cropping is only done if it was needed to be done. We prefer a long tail but it needs to be done in some cases. It is done when pup is born with a tail that is seriously crooked from birth. This is a throw back gene that pops up every so often 1-25 or so. It can be tracked down to 1 of the 5 original breeds that make up this breed.  A short tail should not change any thing but the way it looks. If you do not like a short tail get one with a long tail. If you want one that has a long tail and you would like a short tail, sorry we will not be able to crop it for you, you will have to talk to your vet to do that. 

Keeping Disease Free: We love our dogs, kids and people, this is why we are in this business! But we do not love disease it is ugly, heart breaking, and destructive. When I was a kid I saw the destructive nature of disease on my parents farm growing up and hope to not see that again in my life time. Our Vet puts on our boots and coveralls when touching our dogs and livestock. He respects and welcomes these updated precautions to maintain healthy dogs.     

For more information or questions, that has not been listed here, you are welcome to call or email us. We will be glad to help.

You can read testimonials here.
Thank you to all the many great people who have bought Blue Heeler puppies from us in the past and have made it easy, fun, and enjoyable.

 It is our joy to serve you the best dog breed in the world (arguably)! It is also important to us to supply high quality puppies from parents that we believe rank very high in intelligence amongst the Blue Heeler breed that are on the market today. 

This has been a pleasure for me and my family. We try our best to be as accommodating as possible, with a very high level of service.

Disclaimer on Buying A Puppy

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