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Photos Blue Heeler Breeders Working Dogs

These pictures are of our working, breeding Blue Heeler's and there pups. If you are getting a puppy from us, it would be from these dogs in the photos. Below is our Male "T-Bone". 
Right is a (young in photo) Female "Tubby".
​Right one photo down is our female "Izzy".

© Copying 2014 - 2017 All Rights Reserved Content & Photos. Peter and Joyann Mast www.blueheeler.ca 

Blue Bred Blue Heeler
Blue Heeler Jumping
Perfect colour and size is only one small part of what makes a Blue Heeler great.

The colours of even a pure bred Blue Heeler puppy can vary to some extent from its parents, like the black spots on them. 

The classic most desired and coveted dog would have the blue coat, a black patch eye or two or the black mask. There are also the tan marking points on the face, legs and across the chest. 

Everyone has different colour likes of course and no two Blue Heelers look exactly the same. It is these great colours you see at first glance that brings joy to our life. When adding a high intelligence level you have the makings of a great all around exceptional breed of dog.

The key for us is to have a great all around smart working dog that is pleasing to look at and be around. 
Blue Heeler Puppies For Sale
These are the puppies from Izzy June 2015 at two weeks old, the pups you can see are starting to get their tan paws and some tan on their face now. 
blue heeler puppies 2
2017 photos from our kids dogs #9 from Tess and #7 Runt from Patty's summer litter.