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  Blue Heeler 8 Puppies, 
From Tubby and T-Bone! Call 306-752-2284 to buy.  

Tubby got a break this past summer, but Winter has come and has had a litter   she had 8 healthy pups in all they all great looking litter with minimal of black spots and long tails. This is the last pups for a bit of time, so reserve one well you can. 

Tubby herself is not for sale but is worth to us for $25,000 and up. She is one of the smartest Blue Heelers we have raised so far, you can see the video of Tubby doing just some of their skills and tricks in the above video. She would make a great Movie or TV show dog. Has the exceptional smarts, beauty and stands for the camera like it was meant for her. It is rare to see all this in one dog.  

Call 306-752-2284 if you are also interested in getting a Blue Heeler pup from us, you are welcome to give us a call for more info, or to be put on our list for call back when the next puppies arrive in order. As always, we will do our best to get you a puppy as quickly as we can. We will call you back only when there is a puppy to be had, but you are welcome to call us anytime. Thanks to all our customers for your patience and being so easy to work with. We know you will enjoy these pups and the breed as they grow into truly great friends and working companions. 

Peter & Joy Mast 

Father T-Bone 
Mother Tubby 
Female #1 Attributes  / Sold

She has one 3/4 mask patch. All the classic tan marks and classic white Bentley spot on the head.  Nice size. Broad chest and a long tail.
Female #2 Attributes /Sold

​Has 1/4 face mask black ear, strong classic tan and white Bentley. Long tail. She is well marked in all the right spots. 
Female #3 Attributes / Sold
She has one eye patch tan points, long tail and a longer coat. She will be great for a Christmas gift for the kids, follows us around and comes to our voice when she is called. 
Female #4 Attributes / Sold 

​She has 3/4 mask patch. All the classic tan marks and a long tail.
Female #6 Attributes / Sold

​She the 3/4 mask face patch. Classic tan marks and classic white Bentley spot on the head. Broad chest long coat and short tail. She is the largest of the litter and she is really cute with her fluffy coat.
Female #5 Attributes / Sold

​Clean face. All the good classic tan points on sharp coat. Mid size Bentley and has a long tail.  

Female #7 Attributes / Sold

​She has one eye patch classic tan points, short tail and a short coat. She is on the small size but she is not a runt by any means. She is on the quieter  side of life. 
Male #8 Attributes / Sold 

​He has double eye patch classic tan points, short tail and a longer coat but this will normally only stay long while they are young, should look more like his dad.