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 Blue Heeler Puppies For Sale 
From Penny & General Call 306-752-2284 
4 Born Sept 16, 2021, 3 Males, 1 Females 

Call to have one on hold from this litter. Call 306-752-2284 and Joy will see if she can help you out.

Peter & Joy

Father General 
Male #1 Attributes​ / Sold

​ 3/4 mask with eye and ear patch. All sharp classic tan points. Rich blue coat. Classic white Bentley. Broad chest. Tramp stamp on his neck with a tail stomp at the base of his tail. Second biggest of the litter.
Male #2 Attributes / Sold

 1/2 mask with eye patch. All strong classic tan marks and nice white Bentley. Super strong ears that will stand up fine in a week or two. He is the smallest of the litter.
Mother Penny 

New! McVanBuck 
Call of the Lighter!

Laughter Guaranteed!

It's me, Peter N. Mast. Many of you know that Joy and myself have been happily supplying the best Blue Heeler pups in the world, right here in Canada and will continue to do so.
...but I then broke my ankle, had some pain and then had some time, so in between limps and hobbles. I wrote a funny adventure book!

Call of the Lighter 
is found on 

In person 
a signed copy!
 -taxes included.

Laughter Guaranteed!

Female #6 Attributes / Sold 

 Double face mask. Strong tan points. Small white Bentley. Strong ears. She is on the smaller side. She has a tail stomp at the base of her tail.
Female #3 Attributes / Sold

Full face mask. Strong classic tan points. Super strong ears. Short blue coat. Nice size. Tail stomp at the base of the tail.
Female #4 Attributes / Sold

 1/2 mask with eye patch. Sharp classic tan markings. Short rich blue coat. Strong ears. Broad chest. Good size. Small tail stomp.

Female #5 Attributes / Sold

 1/4 mask with ear patch. All classic tan markings. Large classic white Bentley. Broad chest. She is the biggest of the litter.
*New* Pup photos will be up in 5 weeks once the colours come in... 
Last years pups below.....