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*New!* July 7, 2019 Blue Heeler 9 puppies For Sale 
6 females, 3 males (4 on Hold)

From Penny & General Call 306-752-2284 to put one on hold for you...

Call for a hold from this one or a next litter call 306-752-2284 and Joy will see if she can help you out.

Peter & Joy

Father General 
Male #1 Attributes

Male #3 Attributes Sold

​Large double mask. All strong classic tan and blue coat marks and classic white and black Bentley on his head. Short rich coat. Nice size with a broad chest with strong ears. Large "foot stomp" on base of his tail.
Male #2 Attributes 

Coon 3/4 mask. All strong classic tan marks mottled paws and classic white Bentley on the his head. Longer fluffy coat. Nice size. Nice broad chest.  He really loves to play most of all. Very playful loves to be with people all the time. Sharp colours and would be great of a family. Being the last one picked, can sometimes be the best ones.
Female #6 Attributes / Sold

She is the only female of the litter with a 3/4 Mask. All strong classic tan marks and classic large white Bentley. Short coat. Nice size. Broad chest. 
Male #5 Attributes / Sold 

Full face mask patch. All strong classic tan marks and classic small black Bentley. Short coat should be 1 1/2 inches or so at full age. Much like his mother Penny's coat. Nice size. Broad chest. Very strong ears for this age. 
Male #4 Attributes / Sold

He is the runt of the litter. Coon style eye patches. All strong classic tan marks and classic Bentley. Short coat. Small size. Even though he was runt of this litter he is very lively and healthy. He has a lot of energy, and energy to burn. Video of him also playing fetch with stuffed rabbit toy.

            Photos of the new litter July 7th litter of 9 will be going up soon...

            Last years 2018 puppies are below....
Mother Penny