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Peter & Joyann

Father General
Mother Dixie
Female #1 Attributes / Sold 

Beautiful smart with great markings.Sharp one eye patch with black ears. All strong classic tan marks. Small classic white Bentley. Broad chest. Very smart, learning to come when called. Showing great herding instinct.

Female #2 Attributes / Sold

3/4 mask, black ears. Classic sharp tan points, sharp blue coat. White Bentley. Strong ears. Blue eyes. 
Female #3 Attributes / Sold

Double eye patches, all classic tan marks. Black Bentley and small white Bentley. It's hard to nail down for sure but she seems to have higher intelligence. She is quite a character.
Female #4 Attributes / Sold 

Single eye patch black ears. Strong classic tan points, large white Bentley. Very sweet, a bit on the shy side. She is now following. Very intelligent, comes when called.
Male #5 Attributes / Sold

Double face mask, black ears. Sharp classic tan points. Black tail stomp, born with a short tail. Eager to please you, a born leader. He now follows the kids. Learning fast as always.